LINKEDIN, SOCIAL MEDIA : Involving each time more people

LINKEDIN, SOCIAL MEDIA : Involving each time more people



Augmented reality
The augmented reality can be considered as an interface between the real and virtual worlds. To express it more clearly, it must have, for us, the following three features:
-Combine the real world and the real time virtual data
-Be interactive real time
-to use a 3D space
What are the various uses of the augmented reality ?
Altough numerous examples are bound to the vision, the augmented reality can increase in any five senses.
The augmented reality appears more and more in the games for example with the XBOX or the concept being to delete all the commands and the joysticks by replacing them by facial , vocal expressions and eye movement.
The augmented reality also allows “to playful” more commercial applications (ex : by installing a video game in the case of a construction set with the new technology of A.R.

The A.R allows to plan size of a product without moving in a store thanks to an image code and a webcam.

The most appropriate use would be in facial recognition to link to the digital identity.
The A.R is present since several years in the industry (as the virtual reality moreover). The uses range from the training to the manufacturing’s control, or from aiding for establishing activities to visualising data.
To conclude the A.R is increasingly present in our everyday environment. It can bring numerous benefits by introducing the world Web everywhere. It so allows to develop our capacities.

HIRE ME – How much LinkedIn can be useful ?

Hire me !

If you are a student and you want to get a job LinkedIn, you’re the perfect target. LinkedIn is a professional social network. This tool helps millions of people to find a job.

How LinkedIn can help us in finding a job?
When one wants to find a job while studying, use LinkedIn can be an advantage. Your linkedIn network begins to create during your studies. As well as and as you continue your studies, your network grows. First you create an account. And after you try to add all your links, your knowledge to your account (for example: parents of friends). If your network is large, you can find the good link to use it easier.

Your network will allow you to be recommended for the employment that you wish. Everything is easier thanks to a simple click you can establish a link with a future employer.

In fact, thanks to some weak ties you have in your professional network on Linkedin, you have the possibility to reach some new employers that you wouldn’t have access to in the normal course.
LinkedIn allows you to begin your professional project. Your account has to contain relevant elements which emphasize you, you have to put it also your skills, your route (for example your internships, the summer job which you made. With a good looking profile and good recommendations, your chances to obtain the employment of your dream are multiplied. LinkedIn is a service used all over the world and little bit expensive.
Live with your generation use LinkedIn.

Crowdfunding, kiva, vube, my major company….

My major company is the best investment you could do !

In relation to Kiva, my major company make it possible for people to do a loan, and to help artists or businessman to raise to the top – at the edge of their glory.

Thanks you, million of people can improve and develop their projects. They won’t pay you back but they’ll make of you their first member : in fact, they will give you some tickets to go to their first (film, concert…) but also you’ll be the first take part to their premiere !!

As Irma, Gregoire (in France), but also some international stars..

KEY THING => PEOPLE WANT TO HELP OTHER PEOPLE just make sure they know about your project !


Kiva Microfunds is a non-profit organization that allows people to lend money in developing countries via the internet to low income using local lending companies and organizations as intermediaries. Lenders can find the business and entrepreneur they want to lend to based on region, business type, risk level, etc. Kiva raises money from individual entrepreneurs and transfers it to Field partners which are local microfinance institutions in developing countries that find, track and manage entrepreneurs and then disburse and collect the microloans.
Each borrower has a page with details and they tell you why and what the loan is going to be used for. You can also see on that page the total amount raised from other lenders and the loan maturity (usually 6 to 12 months).

When loans have been repaid in full they are transferred back to Kiva and then to Kiva lenders via PayPal. Kiva pioneered the concept of allowing local field partners to post individual loan stories for funding by individuals over the Internet.

This is the kiva’s profile of the woman we want to help. We choose to help her because as student just like her, we felt concerned about it. Everybody should has his chance to study, and to make his dream come alive. Moreover, we felt moved by her situation : she studies by herself because she works in the morning and in afternoon in a private business in order to raise money. Then, she needs money not just for her, she also wants to help her famlily. Finally, we felt involved because she wants to study business, just like us, so we felt close to her. In a nutshell, we were affected by her generosity, and by her willigness to have a better future and to make her whishes come true.

Please, if you feel concerned and you want to do a little thing, go on our Facebook page we created to help her!



Using social media to raise funds become a solution more used thanks to many advantages.

First of all, Social media gather more people than traditional medias in the same time. You can also target more people.
Secondly, social media permit an immediate interaction. What I mean by that is that people can talk or ask some questions to associations directly : It’s easier to reach them.
Thirdly, using social media is relatively inexpensive compared using traditional media.
Finally, NGOs can easily know the impact of the communication thanks to analytical tools.

To conclude, social media is a community where people interchange together and that why fundraising use this one, it’s because they need us, all together. And It might be the simple way to do it. They’re totally right !