HIRE ME – How much LinkedIn can be useful ?

Hire me !

If you are a student and you want to get a job LinkedIn, you’re the perfect target. LinkedIn is a professional social network. This tool helps millions of people to find a job.

How LinkedIn can help us in finding a job?
When one wants to find a job while studying, use LinkedIn can be an advantage. Your linkedIn network begins to create during your studies. As well as and as you continue your studies, your network grows. First you create an account. And after you try to add all your links, your knowledge to your account (for example: parents of friends). If your network is large, you can find the good link to use it easier.

Your network will allow you to be recommended for the employment that you wish. Everything is easier thanks to a simple click you can establish a link with a future employer.

In fact, thanks to some weak ties you have in your professional network on Linkedin, you have the possibility to reach some new employers that you wouldn’t have access to in the normal course.
LinkedIn allows you to begin your professional project. Your account has to contain relevant elements which emphasize you, you have to put it also your skills, your route (for example your internships, the summer job which you made. With a good looking profile and good recommendations, your chances to obtain the employment of your dream are multiplied. LinkedIn is a service used all over the world and little bit expensive.
Live with your generation use LinkedIn.


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