Augmented reality
The augmented reality can be considered as an interface between the real and virtual worlds. To express it more clearly, it must have, for us, the following three features:
-Combine the real world and the real time virtual data
-Be interactive real time
-to use a 3D space
What are the various uses of the augmented reality ?
Altough numerous examples are bound to the vision, the augmented reality can increase in any five senses.
The augmented reality appears more and more in the games for example with the XBOX or the concept being to delete all the commands and the joysticks by replacing them by facial , vocal expressions and eye movement.
The augmented reality also allows “to playful” more commercial applications (ex : by installing a video game in the case of a construction set with the new technology of A.R.

The A.R allows to plan size of a product without moving in a store thanks to an image code and a webcam.

The most appropriate use would be in facial recognition to link to the digital identity.
The A.R is present since several years in the industry (as the virtual reality moreover). The uses range from the training to the manufacturing’s control, or from aiding for establishing activities to visualising data.
To conclude the A.R is increasingly present in our everyday environment. It can bring numerous benefits by introducing the world Web everywhere. It so allows to develop our capacities.



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