=> The bad effects of Facebook in social life


You may think Facebook means revolution, state-of-art, edge of technologies, … So what could be armful about it ? Why something new and revolutionary could hurt you in your social life ?

Facebook is a real communication tool which is great to create a network of contacts. However Facebook has two sides. The positive side of Facebook is that for example it helps us finding an internship or a job, thanks to the many friends you have on Facebook, it increases our chances to get a job… But Facebook also has a dark side when it comes to the social relationship. What is the negative aspect of Facebook on people and our social relationship?
According to a Canadian study, Facebook is bad for relationships. It increases jealousy between supporters, because the partner can see many details of the life of the other. Comparing what they see to their own life, even if it is not the truth, can be very frustrating.
Each user can add some details to your own life, even if you don’t want them to do. For example, you can’t control the comments your friends (or opposed sex friend) post.
But one big problem of Facebook is that nobody forces you to join the network, it is a voluntary act, which can sometimes be dangerous for ones reputation.And so, why take risks within a couple? Should we be for or against to join Facebook when we are in couple?
When the couple is strong and has nothing to hide, when we trust each other, there is no problem with using Facebook, but if the doubt is here, Facebook can become a tool of suspicion and doubt. You must choose which friends are accepted on your wall, and stop more of them, so the don’t post things you don’t want your couple to see.
Facebook can be a place of sharing and communication, but it can also become a very dangerous tool if we don’t follow some rules.



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