Sherry Turkle : Connected, but alone?

LET’S WATCH THAT VIDEO As we expect more from technology, do we expect less from each other? Sherry Turkle studies how our devices and online personas are redefi…
                          In this video Sherry Turkle explain how social media can change your life. It especially develops the fact that before : you had a feeling and you wanted to make a call and now we want to have a feeling so we need to send a text. It also highlights that the robots or technologies encroach upon your everyday life. It explains technologies take human being’s place in your life.

I agree when it deals about the illusion of companionship. People send texts with social media, because they think it’s easier, but they’re wrong, when you speak with someone on facebook or on twitter you can’t have a real conversation, it’s really superficial. Of course, you can speek with more people at the same time, you think you are more popular or you have friends but in fact when someone see an other people in a street or in subway on his mobil phone, this person is alone. When you speak with someone by technologie you are alone.

Moreover, people seems to scare about loneliness. Social media thus allow to never be alone, but one more time, it’s just an illusion. Human being never want to be alone, but to learn about other people you have to learn about yourself.
An other point are develop and to me it’s essential, it asks to be careful to future, it advices to impose time to speak to each other for example at diner.


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