Did Social Network pave the way for the battle of financing ?

“Although most of the upstarts are not bringing in significant revenue — and Twitter has been losing money — for investors the question is which services will attract the most users and the most advertisers.”


“Even Pope Francis is on Twitter, but social media rivals have attracted a variety of users with different kinds of goals.”

             This article, taken from THE NEW YORK TIMES underlines the gap between today’s world and past. Actually, the main goal of social network is to pave the way for a new generation : everyone has to sign it ! So if it’s not already done, you have to make up for the last time, because even the Pope Francis is on Twitter. Yesterday, Nicolas Sarkozy published on his Facebook wall the stock of his judgement about Bettencourt’s case. In fact, people sponge on Social Media. The worse is that the “social Fabric” suffered, because if you’re not signed, you loose something : news, demonstrations,…

              Nevertheless, the article underlines either that to come to grips with social media is useless. Indeed, you’re closely intertwined to social network, and there is some good things about it : a million of people gets there everyday. What’s striking to note is that, social network is maybe free to you but it’s all about MEGA BUCKS, and it gathers the “Big Blue” that is to say ; the most famous and rich firms.

So nowadays, the main preoccupation lies on piling up much as possible users on Facebook, Instagram… so that they’ll become even more influent.. and powerful.


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