Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkdIn, …. A danger ?




“Yet, this week, when LinkedIn announced that their UK age limit will be lowered to 13 from September 12, I found myself atop the fence dividing teenagers and young adults.” 

Nowadays, the people shows on Facebook, all their lives throughout photos, videos, posts, about their jobs, hobbies, …

What is the all point of it ? Why your life rather than someone else’s would be more interesting ? Can you tell me why your dog’s life should be exposed on Facebook ?  What’s the goal ? Further, What’s the danger of this ? How Facebook, Instagram,.. can be harmful ?

  1. Firstly, we can find all and anything about someone on Facebook, so if you use it, you need to be very careful on what you post and what your friends post on you because that can deprived  your professional setting. Some firm control what their employees post on Facebook and notice if they denigrate the firm or if they appear in a situation compromising. In this case, they can take the choice to dismiss their employees.
  2. Secondly, some people post on facebook everything they do in a day on Facebook, hence, people with malicious intent can use it, for example a burglar can know if you are on holiday and enjoy for come to your house.

These are some reasons who show how facebook can be a danger. It jeopardizes your social and business life.

So, don’t forget, social network aren’t some game, it’s the real life. What you post on internet, stay on internet for ever.


3 thoughts on “Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkdIn, …. A danger ?

  1. We should all be careful about what we upload onto the internet and especially on social medias. Some people ruin their e-reputation and find it very difficult to secure a stable position within a company. Some people may even be refused a position despite their exemplary cradentials just because of what they may have uploaded or even what other people may have uploaded about them.

    • This is one of the disadvantage of Social media, you post all what you want, you open your intimacy to everyone. Everyone, even if they don’t know you, they can learn things about you. Everything you can post of social network stay on it, even after your death. So we have to be careful about what we can post about yourself.

  2. You’re right but why do we do it so ?
    Although we know that Fb, Twitter, Instagram,… jeopardize our social/work life we do it anyway : We follow people, we comment, we post photos so that people may think we’re “cool” our “always connected”.
    That’s social social disadvantage, you think you control it, and the second after you’re under control.. Because you can’t stop it, you can’t sever all easily by snapping your fingers…

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