Do you know someone who does not have Facebook, or who doesn’t heard about Facebook at all ? Aren’t you a little shocked when someone tells you he hasn’t got a Fb page ?                                                                                                                                             Nowadays Facebook has turned to the standard, it took almost 10 years to become the most famous and popular social networking on web. That you’re 15 or 50, there is absolutely no limit for using FB, that’s the thing : everyone feel concerned about it ! There is no « customer base », you’re all some potential target audience !                                                       So that, Facebook is so attractive, so eclectic, and it works so well that if you haven’t signed in yet, you’re considered as an exception,  or even as an intruder and worse you’re by the wayside.

  1.             To go further, There is a simple example : Make a test, When you wake up, what’s the first thing you do ?  You check your mail, your phone, then you check your Facebook page (hoping that someone has been thinking of you, by putting a post, or a photo you like). Facebook has suddenly become part and parcel of your everyday life and from the morning it’s a reflex …
  2. You can ask you what kind of impact does it have on your life ? Why does Facebook represent a priority ? Why Facebook which were using as a social networking turned to a vital need ? So why do you use Fb ?   First it’s convenient, to check your friends life, your family life, but also your partners life. 15 or 50 you all use Facebook to communicate, to keep in touch with the world, even if they’re far from you.
  3.  Although it jeopardizes our life by giving private informations to everyone, People still use Fb and stay « addict » because they can use it for creating their Identity : music/films/ fan page/work page/… It’s not just a social networking, it’s The place to be when you need to discuss, to debate, to comment, to check your friends, to work, to discover a music band, a film, a video …. à In fact it’s just the place where absolutely every topics are satisfied. You can’t be short of news, because it’s always uploaded.

Facebook is probably the revolution of social media, you don’t have to pander to someone’s will, you can give your opinion, you can involved you in wall’s groups to give the lie to government, war, political leaning, In fact you can tackle every type of subject. You’re the one who choose.

This is why you can’t live without Fb, because it’s fount of knowledge, communication, debate, demonstration : the case of Khaled SAID, in Egypt

( check that video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBp5X_b4N8U)

Also when there is an uphill battle, you can trust Fb users to vow on your case ! With Facebook, the people are not alone, he feels supported, and Facebook creates a need to it : like a drug, an addiction to fresh news : it’s a way to be always linked with the whole world when it comes to find anything : a roommate, a dog, a friend, an article, some shoes, because of the ads !

Million of people use it to swap photos and news, FACEBOOK IS A COMPELLING ARGUMENT TO GO ON WEB ! That’s why you can’t live without it, because choosing not to sign in, means being deprived of fast information !

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